How to get listed on OKX: the dos and don'ts

Getting your crypto project listed on a major exchange like OKX can be an important milestone, and we want to make sure you're equipped to approach this process in the right way. This guide aims to demystify the listing process, offering a set of essential dos and don'ts. From the importance of a well-crafted project overview to the nuances of tokenomics, each aspect is a cog in the machine that can lead to a successful listing.

The following guidance is by no means comprehensive, however, and doesn't guarantee anything regarding listing status.


Provide a project overview

The first impression is often the most lasting. An effective project overview serves as your virtual elevator pitch. Highlight key milestones that demonstrate your project's progress and credibility. Include successful product launches, strategic partnerships, and any industry awards or recognition your project has received.

Provide data on the ecosystem

Numbers are very helpful, if they're accurate. Metrics such as Total Value Locked (TVL), Rollup Market Share, and Total Users offer quantifiable proof of your project's viability. Present this data in a digestible format, using visual aids like graphs or charts to convey your project's health and growth trajectory.

Identify key competitors and unique selling points

In a crowded crypto landscape, differentiation is key. Clearly identify your main competitors and articulate what sets your project apart. It could be a unique governance model, a novel approach to scalability, or a specific problem your project solves that others don't. Make these unique selling points the centerpiece of your listing application.

Be clear about the tokenomics

Tokenomics is the backbone of any crypto project. It's not just about the total supply of tokens but also how they are distributed, how they will be used, and how they interact with your ecosystem. Clearly outline these aspects, and explain the mechanisms that underpin the token's value and stability. This is often a critical factor, not just for us but also for the community of first adopters.

Present the leadership team

A project is only as strong as its team. Provide concise yet comprehensive bios of your leadership team and other key members. Highlight their experience in the crypto or related industries, their roles within the project, and any past successes that would add credibility to your project.

Detail your funding and investments

Financial stability is a significant factor for exchanges. Clearly outline your project's funding sources, whether it's venture capital, an ICO, or other means. Explain how these funds are allocated, such as development, marketing, or operations. This transparency adds another layer of credibility in our eyes.

Provide regular updates

The crypto landscape is ever-changing. Consistent updates on significant developments, milestones reached, or even setbacks are essential. Use official channels to distribute these updates to ensure they reach both us and your community, reinforcing your project's transparency and accountability.


Don't ask for a contact person

We adhere to strict protocols to maintain an unbiased listing process. Asking for a contact person within the review team is a red flag and could lead to immediate disqualification.

Don't shill your coin

Professionalism is crucial in all your communications. Stick to factual, verifiable information and avoid aggressive or misleading marketing tactics, which can be a red flag for us.

The final word

Navigating the complexities of getting listed on a major crypto exchange like OKX is no small feat. It requires meticulous preparation, a compelling project, and a transparent team. This guide provides a structured approach to the listing process, aiming to equip you with insights we think should be useful. By adhering to these guidelines, you not only improve your chances of a successful listing but also lay a strong foundation for your project's future growth.

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