Our Investment in Tomo, a Web3 Social Platform for Creators and Supporters

We're happy to announce our investment in Tomo, a Web3 social finance (SocialFi) protocol.

This investment underpins our commitment to supporting innovative blockchain technology and Web3 social platforms that redefine the way users connect and interact with each other online.

Tomo's impactful product features and forward-thinking roadmap set it apart in the Web3 SocialFi space, providing a unique platform for content creators, influencers and prominent personalities to nurture direct connections with their fans and followers. Its seamless integration of Web2 and Web3 realms and innovative approach to creator exclusivity and content monetization is revolutionizing the industry.

Tomo's commitment to fostering on-chain activity on Layer 2s like Linea and Base further positions it as a significant player in the SocialFi space. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Tomo users can collaborate to create content, gain tokenized access to chat rooms and enjoy direct messaging features.

OKX Ventures Founder Dora Yue said: “Tomo is a thriving community where users have the autonomy to manage, share and reap benefits from their content creation. With an impressive roster of over 350,000 registered community members in Tomo, we see tremendous potential in this truly user-centric platform. We're incredibly excited about the future of Tomo and the innovative ways it continues to disrupt traditional social networking paradigms.”

Expanding its creative horizon, Tomo has launched Tomoji, an innovative ERC-404 meme launchpad, allowing users to create and trade personalized emojis. In collaboration with artist Sean Kyah Koons, they released the dragon-themed 'LONG' collection. Tomoji enables fractionalization of NFTs, facilitates minting, gifting, and trading, and allows trading on exchanges. Tomo also introduced TomoID, a social wallet with a link-in-bio tool and an affiliate program. Users can connect their social media profiles, and earn rewards through Tomo Points. This roadmap highlights Tomo's commitment to a dynamic user ecosystem.

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