Scalable & Interoperable

OKT Chain (OKTC) is an EVM and IBC-compatible layer 1 built on Cosmos with a focus on true interoperability and maximized performance

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Built by developers, for the masses

OKTC offers a developer-friendly environment, marketing support, and technical resources for builders
Super scalable

OKTC is capable of lightning-fast processing times (6,000 TPS), while keeping fees lower than $0.01 for both developers and users.

Super friendly

OKTC is entirely open-source, backed by the dynamic OpenAPI for seamless DApp development, and equipped with complete multi-chain oracle support.

Super secure

OKTC provides a reliable smart contract auditing service that ensures the reliability and security of your code, empowering you to build a trustless ecosystem with confidence.

Super interoperable

OKTC is 100% EVM compatible and IBC interoperable, making it one of the most interoperable layer 1 solutions on Cosmos.

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OKT Chain is dedicated to empowering the growth of Web3 applications by providing the essential infrastructure required for DApps to thrive

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