Crypto withdraw balance FAQ

Published on Jan 25, 2024Updated on Apr 12, 20242 min read1,091

What does available balance mean?

Available balance refers to the amount of cryptocurrency that you can withdraw after deducting any cryptocurrency placed on hold and considering withdrawal limits. It represents the portion of cryptocurrency funds that is immediately accessible for withdrawal following the deposit of fiat currency into the account.

What does locked balance mean?

Locked balance refers to any crypto purchased with any recently added cash (of the local currency), which is held for a specific amount of time. This hold period is calculated based on many factors, such as account history, payment activity, and transaction history.

What does protect balance mean?

Protected balance refers to the portion of assets that exceeds the withdraw limit. Withdraw limit is the maximum amount you can withdraw in cryptocurrency after depositing fiat currency into your account. This limit varies based on factors such as the duration of the account tenure and risk profile. At OKX' discretion, you may have the opportunity to increase your withdrawal limit by maintaining a long-term presence on the platform and engaging in regular payment and trading activities.

How do I find out about my available balance, locked balance, and protected balance?

You may check your balance here.

I want my funds immediately, what do I do?

Crypto withdraw on-hold won't impact cash-out availability.

Withdraw cash to your bank account is still available. You can still withdraw the equivalent amount of recently deposited cash (of the local currency) to the linked bank accounts of your own.

Can I still buy, sell, and trade within OKX, while my crypto withdraw is on hold?

Yes, you can still buy, sell, and trade within OKX at any time.

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