Do I need to pay fees for deposit and withdrawal?

Published on Jun 1, 2023Updated on Apr 10, 20242 min read2,104

In OKX, you'll only pay a fee when you do an on-chain withdrawal transaction, while internal withdrawal transfers and deposits have no fee charged. The fee charged is called Gas Fee, which is used to pay miners as a reward.

For example, when you withdraw crypto from your OKX account, you'll be charged the withdrawal fee. Vice versa, if an individual (can be you or someone else) deposits crypto into your OKX account, you don't need to pay the fee.
Note: No fee deposits only apply to deposits that exceed the minimum deposit threshold listed in deposit details page. Deposit amounts under the listed minimums may require you to contact Customer Service for proper crediting to your account, which may incur additional fees.
Selection of withdrawal network prior to the submission page

The system will automatically calculate the network fee

How do I calculate how much I'll be charged?

The system will calculate the fee automatically. The actual amount that'll be credited to your account on the withdrawal page is calculated with this formula:

The actual amount in your account = Withdrawal amount – Withdrawal fee


  • The fee amount is based on the transaction (A more complex transaction means that more computational resources will be consumed), hence a higher fee will be charged.
  • The system will calculate the fee automatically before you submit the withdrawal request. Alternatively, you can also adjust your fee within the limit.