How do I deposit BRL with Pix transfer?

Published on Nov 20, 2023Updated on Mar 20, 20244 min read24

You can complete a BRL deposit from your bank account by performing a Pix transfer. BRL Pix transfers are currently only available to our Brazilian customers.
To initiate a Pix transfer, you'll need to access your bank account and provide OKX's CNPJ number.

How do I make a cash deposit?

On the web

  1. Log in to your account at, go to Assets and select Deposit
  2. Select Cash to start making a cash deposit
    CT-web-cash deposit-BRL Pix depositWeb: start Pix deposit on deposit page

On the app

  1. Open your OKX app, go to Deposit, and select Deposit BRL
    CT-app-deposit BRLOpening deposit page from homepage

Funding your account with Pix Transfers

To start a BRL deposit with Pix transfers:

  1. Read the deposit instructions carefully and take note of the CNPJ number
  2. Login to your bank account
  3. Copy and paste the CNPJ (Pix key) number into your banking app. Ensure that the recipient is OKX Servicos Digitais Ltda, and your name and CPF number matches the one on your OKX account for a smooth transaction.
  4. Initiate the Pix transfer from your bank account
  5. Go back to the OKX app and select Done to acknowledge your deposit


  • The Pix transfer is processed instantly, and you should expect to see your BRL deposit in your OKX account within the next few minutes.
  • The minimum deposit amount for BRL Pix transfer is R$10. Any deposits below R$10 will be rejected and returned to your bank account.
  • To learn more about our fees and processing time, read more in Introducing cash deposits and withdrawals

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can't I access the "Deposit BRL" feature?

To comply with local laws and regulations, cash deposits are only available in specific regions. This may mean that your account is currently not eligible to access this feature.

2. Why am I only able to select certain payment method types?

To comply with local laws and regulations, the payment methods available to you on your account will be limited to those that are appropriate based on the account verification documents you have provided during onboarding to OKX.

3. Why am I encountering a "Cash deposit unavailable" message?

This means that cash payment services aren't currently available in your region. You can learn more about cash deposits and withdrawals. Check back soon to learn about new payment options and regional offerings.

4. Why do I need to verify my identity before making a deposit?

We ask you to verify your identity to follow local regulations, keep our platform secure, and help determine the best payment methods for your region.

5. How do I check my deposit history?

You can review your deposit history on the cash deposit page by selecting Transaction History.
CT-web-cash deposit-BRL dp historyWeb: transaction history on the cash deposit details page
CT-app-cash deposit-BRL transfer historyApp: transaction history icon on the deposit details page

6. What happens if I deposit from an account with a different CPF number or name?

Your deposit will be rejected and returned back to the bank account.