OKX DEX User Guide (Web)

Published on Aug 25, 2023Updated on Apr 12, 20242 min read325

OKX DEX is a one-stop, multi-chain, and cross-chain trading aggregator. OKX DEX helps you to find the best route to place an order across different DEXs via X Routing. By comparing prices across liquidity pools and splitting orders, you can get the best trading prices with minimal slippage, and lower network gas fees in multi-chain and cross-chain scenarios.

Note: currently, OKX DEX supports 20+ chains, 400+ DEXs, and offers 3,000,000+ crypto assets in one place, including mainstream cross-chain bridge like cBridge, MultiChain, and SWIFT


OKX DEX has launched the Token market feature, aiming to help you discover hot tokens anytime, anywhere. You must connect your wallet before getting started.

  1. In Wallet > Trade, you will find Swap & Bridge or Limit order options
    CT-web-wallet-tradeinterfaceUtilize your assets in Trade

How do I use Swap & Bridge?

Currently, OKX DEX supports trading crypto on 26 chains and cross-chain swaps on 17 chains.


  1. In From, select the amount of tokens you wish to swap from; In To, select the amount the tokens you wish to swap into. Once it's done, select Swap to proceed
  2. If you have sufficient gas fees, you will be redirected to the order summary page and select Confirm swap after confirming the details
  3. If you have insufficient gas fees, you can select Approve [crypto] > Fill up [crypto] > Swap for gas, a recommended feature for you to quickly convert mainstream assets into gas fees


  1. Select the amount of Pay and Receive token you want, then select Swap cross-chain
  2. Select Confirm swap after confirming the details
    CT-web-wallet-trade-tradingroutePick your preferred trading route by clicking the dropdown in X Routing section


  • You can select your preferred route on different cross-chain bridge
  • Some tokens require certain levels of slippage. For example, some tokens have low liquidity, and the transaction may fail if you set the slippage tolerance to less than 5%