Why is my deposit locked?

Published on Dec 19, 2023Updated on Apr 11, 20242 min read42

Below are some possible reasons that may lead to your asset being locked:

1. P2P T+N risk control is triggered

When you're buying crypto through P2P trading, our risk control system will comprehensively assess your transaction risks and impose N-day restrictions on the withdrawal and P2P sales of the equivalent amount of assets in your transaction.

It is recommended that you wait patiently for N days and the system will automatically lift the restriction

2. Travel rule additional verification is triggered

If you're in regulated regions, your crypto transactions are subjected to the Travel Rule as per local laws, which you may require supplementary information for it to be unlocked.

You should obtain the legal name of the sender and ask whether they are sending from an exchange or private wallet address. Additional information such as, but not limited to, country of residence may also be required.

Depending on your local law and regulations, your transaction may remain locked until you provide the information required of the person who sent you the fund. For more details, you can find it in the Travel Rule FAQ.