OKX Launches 'Solana Super Season' Campaign Featuring US$150k Reward Pool

Nassau, The Bahamas, January 18, 2024 -- OKX, a leading global Web3 technology company and crypto exchange, today announced the full lineup of its 'Solana Super Season' campaign, which currently consists of three promotions and competitions across the OKX Web3 and CeFi platforms, and is designed to reward users who interact with the Solana ecosystem with a share of a prize pool of up to US$150,000.

The 'Solana Super Season' campaign aims to encourage users to interact with the Solana blockchain's ecosystem and trade Solana-based tokens and listings. The campaign includes the following promotions and trading competitions*:

  • Solana Futures Season: From January 18 at 04:00 (UTC) to January 31, 2024 at 03:59 (UTC), eligible users trading any of the following perpetual listings on OKX's centralized exchange will have the opportunity to claim a share of a 100,000 USDT reward pool: SOL/USDT, GMT/USDT, PYTH/USDT, BONK/USDT and JTO/USDT. The winners will be determined by ranking the top 50 users with the highest percentage of Profit and Loss (PnL).

    • In addition, new users who sign up to OKX and join the competition within the campaign period will enjoy a 10% boost on their PnL percentage score on the competition's leaderboard. The first 3,500 eligible users who trade at least 25,000 USDT worth of SOL/USDT, GMT/USDT, PYTH/USDT, BONK/UST or JTO/USDT on OKX's perpetual futures market will also receive 350,000 BONK tokens.

  • Solana Ecosystem: Marinade Bonus Event: From January 2 to April 1, users who stake SOL into Marinade Finance's liquidity pool on Web3 DeFi will receive an enhanced APR of up to 2% on their staked funds, in addition to any base APR. Web3 DeFi users can further stake mSOL into Orca V3's 'SOL-mSOL' liquidity pool to earn extra rewards.

    • Web3 DeFi is a powerful DeFi platform that supports earning and staking on about 70 protocols across more than 10 chains.

  • Cryptopedia Solana Season: From January 10, users interacting with Solana ecosystem DApps MarginFi, Jupiter, Meteora, Sniper and Kamino Finance via OKX Wallet's Cryptopedia will have the opportunity to receive Solana-based airdrop rewards.

    • Cryptopedia is a learn-to-earn crypto education platform that enables users to explore and learn about various DApps on different blockchains while earning rewards.

In the coming weeks, OKX is set to unveil additional promotions and a trading competition as part of its 'Solana Super Season' campaign. This includes the 'Solana Season Showdown,' offering OKX DEX users who trade tokens such as GUAC and SOBB an opportunity to claim a share of a Solana-based token reward pool worth US$25,000. Further details will be announced soon.

OKX Chief Marketing Officer Haider Rafique said: "With the launch of the 'Solana Super Season' campaign, we're excited to offer our users a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the Solana ecosystem and experience its benefits. Through a series of promotions and trading competitions, our Web3 and CeFi users can dive into the vast potential of Solana while unlocking a range of Solana-based rewards."

This announcement follows the OKX app's first-ever 'Learn and Earn' campaign, which was launched on December 22. The campaign offered users the opportunity to claim a share in a 527 SOL prize pool and marks the debut of the first "learn and earn" experience within the centralized exchange section of the OKX app. OKX is also among the first exchange apps accessible on the Solana Web3 smartphone.

For further information on OKX's 'Solana Super Season' campaign, click here.

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