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Buy/Sell ZIL in a few steps

Buy/Sell ZIL in a few steps
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Buy/Sell ZIL in a few steps

What is ZIL?

Zilliqa is a public blockchain created by a professor and his students from Singapore. Zilliqa has gained prominence as it uses sharding, a technique where multiple layers are created, making the blockchain run faster as it grows. Currently, Zilliqa can handle thousands of transactions a second, while leading blockchains can only do a handful in comparison.

Zilliqa also has its own programming language Scilla, that helps developers code and launch their projects on the network. There are a large variety of apps already deployed on the network, that range from offering financial services to NFTs and games.

Powering the economy is its native ZIL token. Anyone can buy ZIL and send it to others as a means of payment.

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