How do I inscribe BRC-20 tokens?

Published on Dec 20, 2023Updated on Apr 11, 20242 min read93
  1. Open OKX app, go to Wallet, and log in to your account. Learn more about how to import or create an OKX wallet account.
  2. Go to Marketplace > Ordinals, and select Inscription Center. You are required to have a sufficient BTC amount to inscribe the BRC-20 tokens. Learn more about how to deposit or transfer assets into your OKX wallet.
    CT-app-web3-brc20 inscription centerOpening inscription page
  3. Select your preferred network to inscribe either BRC-20, image, or text.
  4. Select Mint and insert the 4-character ticker in the Ticker field
  5. Insert the amount that you want to mint in the Amount field and select your preferred mint frequency in the Repeat mint field
  6. Insert your receiving address in the Recipient address field and select Next
    CT-app-web3-brc20 inscription detailsFill in all the necessary information to complete your mint order
  7. A minting summary will be displayed and select Confirm to complete your order.
    CT-app-web3-brc20 inscription order summaryReview the order summary before completing your order
  8. You can add your BRC-20 token to your wallet crypto-list to view your mint token and amount. Learn more about how to manage your BRC-20 assets.