How do I subscribe to Snowball subscription?

Published on Jan 4, 2024Updated on Apr 11, 20243 min read

Why should you subscribe to the Snowball subscription?

  • A unique product in which the users earn interest depending on how the price of the underlying crypto coin behaves during the life of the product within a certain range.
  • High chances of getting profits, earn profits in 2 to 4 scenarios with the potential of receiving it early in an early profit scenario.
  • Protection in fluctuating markets as the caution price acts as a buffer against markets moving against you, thus you can safely earn in the range.
  • Low investment amounts.
  • No trading fees.

How do I subscribe to the Snowball subscription?

  • There's no Snowball available between Friday 12:00 (UTC+0) and Sunday 12:00 (UTC+0).
  • Follow the steps below to subscribe to it, and these applies to both Bullish and Bearish strategies:
  1. Select Grow and once on the page, select Structured Products
    CT-snowballsubscription-app-1Select Structured Products to proceed on selecting one of its features
  2. On the Structured Products page, select Snowball feature to view the options that are available for selection
    CT-snowballsubscription-app-2Snowball is available as one of the mediums for you to unlock your earning potential
  3. Select between Bullish or Bearish strategy before choosing the underlying coin as well, and select Next
  4. Enter your Subscription amount, and select the Subscribe button
    CT-snowballsubscription-app-3Fill in your preferred subscription amount and select your scenario
  5. Review the summary of your transaction, read and agree to the user agreement and select Confirm
    CT-snowballsubscription-app-4Go through all of the details before proceeding to place your subscription
  6. Once the order has been successfully placed, the final APR and price level will be confirmed at the end of the subscription period (+12 UTC)

Learn more about Snowball by visiting this FAQ.