BRC20 Trading and Inscription FAQ

Published on Dec 20, 2023Updated on Apr 12, 20243 min read273

1. How do I inscribe BRC-20?

You can refer to this article to learn more about how to inscribe BRC20.

2. Why is my BRC-20 transaction not being confirmed?

Inscribing and trading BRC-20 requires block confirmation on the BTC network. Due to the surge in transactions causing network congestion, your transaction may take 1-2 days to be fully confirmed. If your transaction shows a confirming status, you can track the progress on Mempool. It is recommended that you patiently wait for the block confirmation to complete.

3. Why did my BRC-20 inscription fail?

Here are some possible reasons:

  • The gas fee is insufficient during the inscription process
  • The BTC network is congested
  • The minting status displays as completed, but your transaction is still awaiting confirmation on the blockchain.
    Note: If your inscription fails, the gas fee will be lost and is non-refundable, as it is charged by the miner.

4. How do I use an EVM chain inscription tool?

Here is a simple guide about how to use the EVM chain inscription tool:

  1. Go to Wallet, select Marketplace > Ordinals, and select Inscription Center.
    CT-app-web3-brc20 inscription centerOpen inscription tool in Wallet
  2. Select the network that you want to inscribe in the Network field
  3. Select Single if you would like to inscribe only single data. If you would like to inscribe different data at the same time, you can select Bulk.
  4. Insert your transaction data, excluding "data:," as it has been pre-filled by the system in the Text mode field
  5. Select your preferred frequency in the Repeat transactions field
    Note: the number of transaction data that you have inserted represents the number of signatures required for the inscription
  6. Select Confirm to complete the inscription transaction
    CT-app-web3- inscription detailsFill in all the inscription details to create a transaction

5. How do I buy and sell BRC-20 tokens?

You can refer to this article to learn more about how to buy and sell BRC20 tokens.

6. What should I do if I have insufficient BTC tokens?

You can refer to this article to learn more about how to manage assets when you have insufficient BTC tokens.

7. How do I unlock Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO)?

Here is a simple guide about how to unlock UTXO:

  1. Go to Wallet, select BTC, followed by UXTO
  2. Select the UXTO assets that you want to unlock, and select Unlock UXTO
    Note: Select all if you would like to unlock all available UTXO assets
    CT-app-web3-unlocked UTXOSelect the UTXO transaction that you want to unlock


  • Make sure that the UTXO assets are not linked to valid inscriptions or NFTs to avoid losing connected NFTs or BRC-20 assets
  • The unlocked UTXO assets will be displayed at Unlocked. If you mistakenly unlock the UTXO connected to a valid NFT or inscription, you can select Restore to recover them. However, please be aware that the restored assets can only be used as gas fees, not the inscription fees. This will not affect the inscription on your wallet address.