How do I link an authenticator app?

Published on Aug 29, 2023Updated on Feb 13, 20242 min read564

Make your account more secure by linking an authenticator app. You can link to any authenticator app you preferred.

Note: you can turn off or change your authenticator app anytime you like. However, to secure your assets, you won't be able to withdraw any funds within 24 hours after changing your authenticator app.

On the app

  1. Open the OKX app, go to User Center > Profile and settings > Security > Security center
    CT-account-howtolinkauthenticator-app1-enFind Security center in Profile and settings
  2. In Security center, select Authenticator app to start your set up
  3. Select Next to proceed
  4. Follow the instructions to set up, remember to save your setup key
  5. Complete the 2FA verification. You'll receive an email/SMS confirmation upon changing your authenticator app successfully

On the web

  1. Log in to your account at and go to the Security center (Profile icon > Security)
    Security Center in Account WebOpening Security page
  2. Find Authenticator app in the Security center and select Set up
    ct-web-link-authenticatorFind the authenticator app in the Security center
  3. Open your existing authenticator app, or download and install an authenticator app, scan the QR code or manually enter the Setup key in the app to get the 6-digit verification code
  4. Complete the email/phone code, authenticator app code and select Confirm. Your authenticator app will be linked successfully
    ct-acc-security-authenticator-linkedLink authenticator app page