How to withdraw, trade and stake WLD tokens on OKX wallet?

Published on Jul 28, 2023Updated on Apr 4, 20244 min read55

Worldcoin is an open-source protocol that wants to make the global economy accessible to everyone by creating a digital identity called World ID and providing, where allowed by law, a digital currency (Worldcoin). It aims to create a global currency and ID that allows for easy transfers, payments, and purchases using its token along with other cryptocurrencies and traditional assets.

Read more about it here.

How to participate in Worldcoin?

Get WLD via Worldcoin App

  1. Download the World App, which serves as the first wallet app supporting the creation of a World ID.
  2. Head to the physical imaging device called the Orb to get the World ID Orb-verified. Orb Operators, a network of independent local businesses, operate most Orbs.
  3. The Orb uses multispectral sensors to verify the authenticity and uniqueness of each individual, and issues an Orb-verified World ID. It's important to note that all images captured during the process are promptly deleted on-device by default, unless explicit consent for data custody is given.

Purchase WLD through OKX Wallet-DEX

  1. Open your OKX app, select Wallet > Trade > Market.
  2. Search for WLD in the Search section.
  3. Tap on All networks > Optimism > WLD.
  4. Select Go swap.
  5. In From, select the amount of tokens you wish to swap from; In To, select the amount of WLD you wish to swap into. Once it's done, select Swap to proceed.
  6. If you have sufficient gas fees, you will be redirected to the order summary page and select Confirm swap after confirming the details.
  7. If you have insufficient gas fees, you can select Approve crypto > Fill up crypto > Swap for gas, a recommended feature for you to quickly convert mainstream assets into gas fees.

How to withdraw WLD tokens into OKX Wallet?

Get your Optimism deposit address

  1. Download the OKX Wallet app.
  2. On OKX Wallet app, select Receive.
  3. Search WLD and select WLD on Optimism.
  4. Copy your wallet address.

Withdraw WLD tokens from Worldcoin App

  1. Open World App, select the Worldcoin card under the first tab.
  2. Select Send and paste your Op-WLD wallet address.
  3. Double check your Op-WLD address. If it is correct, select the confirmation of your Op-WLD wallet address.
  4. Choose amount that you would like to send to OKX Wallet and select Preview Send.
  5. Select and hold the Hold to send button.
    CT-depositandwithdrawcrypto-wld1Hold the button to send the token
  6. You will receive the Order Successful notification once it's completed.
    CT-depositandwithdrawcrypto-wld2Successful notification of your transaction

How to trade WLD on OKX Wallet?

Follow these tutorials to start trading on OKX Wallet:

Make sure you have Op_ETH for gas fees for both trading and staking.
If you have insufficient gas fees, you can select Approve [crypto] > Fill up [crypto] > Swap for gas, a recommended feature for you to quickly convert mainstream assets into gas fees.

Note: Only WLD pairs on Optimism chain will be counted in the campaign.

How to stake WLD on OKX Wallet?

On OKX Wallet App/Web, simply choose DeFi > WLD Staking > Invest.
CT-depositandwithdrawcrypto-wld3Start staking WLD at the Defi page

Join the Worldcoin Campaign on OKX Wallet!

To celebrate the launch of Worldcoin, OKX Wallet is excited to offer an exclusive Worldcoin campaign for our users. The Worldcoin Campaign comprises of 2 parts. Part A offers 2 activities for users to experience trading WLD on OKX Wallet-DEX while Part B offers 1 activity for users to experience staking on OKX Wallet-DeFi.

Learn more about it here.