How do I use the OKX wallet web extension for Stader?

Published on Nov 28, 2022Updated on Apr 12, 20245 min read65

The OKX wallet web extension now supports Stader.

Whether you want to store and manage your assets of Stader or want to invest and participate in Stader's diverse projects, the OKX wallet web extension allows you to do it easily with just a few clicks. Read the tutorial below and get started with a great tool for exploring the world of Web3 in 3 minutes.

1. Download your Web3 exploration tool: OKX wallet web extension

Visit here to launch the download page on Google Chrome.

2. Have your own Web3 portal: Create or import a wallet in the OKX wallet web extension

  • Create a wallet
    If you're an explorer just starting your Web3 journey and have never created a wallet. You can create your first wallet in the OKX wallet web extension, the process is as follows:
    • Create new wallet and set a password.
    • Go to the homepage of wallet assets and back up the seed phrase.

Note: be sure to keep your passwords, we don't store user passwords. If the password is lost or forgotten, you can only reset the password by clearing all wallets, and you can only restore it by backing up the seed phrase or private key wallet.

CT-web3wallet-stader-1Select Create wallet to create your wallet accordingly

CT-web3wallet-stader-2Secure your wallet by backing it up

CT-web3wallet-stader-3Tap, view and store the seed phrase safely, and verify your seed phrase

Note: it's recommended to copy the seed phrases on paper and keep them in a safe place isolated from the Internet to avoid being stolen. Whoever owns this seed phrase will own the assets in this wallet.

  • Import a wallet
    If you're an existing user who already has your own wallet, you can easily transfer the seed phrase or private key to the OKX wallet web extension, view and manage assets without any problems, and enjoy a multi-chain experience that supports 25+ public chains:

CT-web3wallet-stader-4Existing users can effortlessly import their wallet

3. Activate and start your Web3 exploration journey: multiple ways to recharge your wallet

  • Copy the wallet address and transfer money to the address
    Select the Copy Address in the figure below, select the corresponding wallet address under the chain you'd like to trade, and transfer to this address to complete the recharge.

CT-web3wallet-stader-5Copy your wallet address to transfer money to it

  • Scan the QR code to recharge and transfer money to the corresponding address
    You can also select the Receive button, find the currency you'd like to trade, click to enter the payment page, and use the mobile exchange or wallet to scan and transfer.

  • Transfer and recharge from OKX exchange to OKX Wallet Web Extension
    Launch the app and select the asset tab > select Withdraw > search for the token and select the network on which you want to make a transaction > scan the code or paste the address > enter the quantity > after verifying the email and mobile phone verification code, the transfer is successful.

CT-web3wallet-stader-6Select Withdraw to proceed to the next phase

CT-web3wallet-stader-7Confirm the token and wallet address, besides selecting the right amount and account for withdrawal

4. Enjoy the Stader ecology easily: connect to the OKX wallet web extension on the official website

Stader already supports OKX Wallet, you can directly select OKX wallet to connect.

CT-web3wallet-stader-8Select OKX Wallet to connect with Stader on its website