What is sub-account?

Published on Aug 22, 2023Updated on Apr 11, 20243 min read924

A sub-account is a secondary account connected to your OKX account. You can create multiple sub-accounts to diversify your trading strategies and reduce risks. Sub-accounts can be used for spot, spot leverage, contract trading, and deposits for standard sub-accounts, but withdrawals are not allowed.

How do I create a sub-account?

  1. Open OKX website and login to your account, go to Profile and select Sub-accounts


    Opening sub-accounts page

  2. Select +Create sub-account

  3. Fill in Login ID, Password and select Account type

    • Standard sub-account: you are able to make Trading settings and enable Deposits to this sub-account

    • Managed trading sub-account: you are able to make Trading settings

  4. Select Submit after confirming the information

  5. Fill in and Confirm 2FA code to complete creating the sub-account


  • Sub-accounts will inherit the main account's tier level at the same time of creation and it will update daily according to your main account.

  • General users (Lv1 - Lv5) can create a maximum of 5 sub-accounts; for other level users, you can view your tier permissions.

  • Sub-accounts can only be created on the web.

How do I login to my sub-account?

You can login to your accounts by using sub-account name and password from the login page on OKX Web and App. Or you can login to your OKX main account and go to the Sub-accounts page to enable Switchable to the sub-account, then you are free to switch accounts under Profile.

Find Switchable on the Sub-accounts page

Find Switchable on the Sub-accounts page

CT-web-account-switch account

Web: select switch account under Profile

CT-app-account-switch accounts

App: find switch accounts in profile and settings page

If you've created your sub-accounts, and would like to know more about how to transfer/deposit with your sub-accounts, you are welcome to visit here.