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Band Protocol price live data

The current price of Band Protocol is $1.5101. Since 00:00 UTC, Band Protocol has increased by +2.31%. It currently has a circulating supply of 141,213,765 BAND and a maximum supply of 145,612,242 BAND, giving it a fully diluted market cap of $214.93M. At present, Band Protocol holds the 157 position in market cap rankings. The Band Protocol/USD price is updated in real-time.

Band Protocol price performance in USD

Time periodChange amount%Chg
Today$0.034025 +2.30%
7 days-$0.69090 -31.40%
30 days-$0.39190 -20.61%
3 months-$0.74790 -33.13%

Band Protocol market information

24h low/high
The highest, lowest, and last prices in 24 hours
24h low$1.3540
Last price $1.5101
24h high$1.5291
Heat index ranking
Market cap ranking
Market cap
Favorited rate
Percentage of users who favorited this asset to all users
All-time high
-93.53% (-$21.8169)
Apr 15, 2021 (3 years ago)
All-time low
+78.92% ($0.66610)
Aug 18, 2023 (8 months ago)
ICO date
ICO price
The price at which this crypto was first traded
Circulating supply
The amount of this crypto that is publicly available in the market
141,213,765 BAND
Market cap at circulating supply
Market cap = Circulating supply × Last price
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Last audit: 08/01/2019

About Band Protocol (BAND)

Band Protocol (BAND) helps blockchains and projects get access to real-world data via cross-chain oracles. The ecosystem supports smart contracts and application programming interfaces (APIs), allowing users to connect on-chain innovations with off-chain insights in a decentralized, serverless manner.

What is Band Protocol

Band Protocol is a decentralized Oracle solution designed to eliminate centralized data repositories. It operates as a Layer 2 solution on top of the Cosmos (ATOM)) blockchain, providing secure off-chain data to on-chain decentralized apps (dApps).

Originally launched on Ethereum in 2019, Band Protocol transitioned to the Cosmos chain in 2020, leveraging the Cosmos software development kit to power its native chain, BandChain.

The Band Protocol team

The Band Protocol team is led by Soravis Srinawakoon, who serves as the acting CEO. Other key members of the team include Paul Nattapatsiri as the CPO, Sorawit Suriyakarn as the CTO and Co-Founder, Sirada Lorhpipat contributing to Business Development, and Satawat Thitisupakul as a Software Engineer.

How does Band Protocol work

The Band Protocol ecosystem consists of two main participants: data providers and validators. Data providers gather oracle data from trusted on-chain sources and supply it to the protocol. Validators play a crucial role by verifying the authenticity of the data and feeding them into the relevant smart contracts for usage. Similar to other projects like Theta Network (THETA), Band Protocol boasts a dual-token system comprising BAND and Dataset tokens.

Band Protocol’s native token: BAND

BAND is the native token of the Band Protocol ecosystem. The tokens can be delegated to network validators, governance, and staking.

The total supply of BAND tokens is capped at 100 million. The token economics of BAND follows an inflationary model, which may be attributed to the minting of new tokens to incentivize and reward data providers and validators within the Band Protocol ecosystem.

How to stake BAND?

To stake BAND on the BandChain mainnnet, there are two options available: you can become a validator by running a node and actively participating in the network, or you can choose to become a delegator and delegate your BAND tokens to a validator of your choice. Regardless of the staking method you select, you will receive BAND tokens as rewards for your contribution to the Band Protocol ecosystem.

Alternatively, you may choose to stake BAND on OKX Earn. OKX Earn offers flexible BAND staking plans for an estimated one APY. Easily stake BAND on OKX Earn to begin receiving rewards. BAND can be unstaked at any time.

BAND use cases

BAND tokens offer various functionalities within the Band Protocol ecosystem. They act as collateral to ensure that data providers provide reliable data to the network. Additionally, BAND tokens grant holders the ability to participate in governance by voting on proposals. Furthermore, BAND tokens contribute to network security as holders have the option to delegate their tokens to validators, ensuring the integrity and stability of the network.

BAND distribution

BAND tokens are distributed as follows:

  • 25 percent to the Band foundation for the development of the protocol
  • 20 percent to the public sales
  • 23.5 percent to the team, with a vesting period
  • 21.5 percent as community engagement tokens
  • 10 percent to the ecosystem treasury

The current state of Band Protocol

Band Protocol places a strong emphasis on network security, utilizing Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT), delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS), and a robust network of validators to secure BandChain. It is recognized as a prominent player in the Oracle space, alongside projects like Chainlink (LINK). Furthermore, Band Protocol has established a collaborative partnership with Horizen (ZEN) as part of its off-chain data sourcing initiative.

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What is Band Protocol?

Band Protocol is a cross-chain oracle platform built on the Cosmos blockchain that allows users to pair on-chain dApps and smart contracts with real-world, off-chain data. At the heart of the ecosystem is its native token, BAND.

What are the benefits of Band Protocol?

Band Protocol allows ecosystem users to seamlessly pair accurate real-world data with decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. This enables the creation of various financial products such as synthetic assets, stablecoins, and loan collateralization solutions. Moreover, Band Protocol serves as a valuable tool for developing dApps and prediction markets, creating identity verification systems, and enhancing the receptiveness of Internet of Things (IoT) devices to real-world insights.

Where can I buy BAND?

Easily buy BAND tokens on the OKX cryptocurrency platform. OKX’s spot trading terminal offers the BAND/USDT trading pair.

You can also swap your existing cryptocurrencies, including XRP (XRP), Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), and Chainlink (LINK), for [Asset] with zero fees and no price slippage by using OKX Convert.

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