How do I verify an individual account?

Published on Sep 25, 2023Updated on Jul 11, 20243 min read13,436

To use your individual account, you need to complete advanced identity verification to meet Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. We require this to keep your account and assets secure.

The verification process ensures our exchange is safe and prevents fraud alongside other illegal activities. You can trade, deposit and make withdrawals after completing your identity verification.

Getting started on the web

Log in to your account at and go to the verification page. You can find it under the profile icon > Verification. On this page, find Individual account and select Continue.

Open Verification page

Opening verification page

Getting started on the app

Open the OKX app, go to User Center. Go to Profile and Settings and select Identity verification under Profile.

CT-app-EN-homepage-user menu

Open the User Center in the top left corner

Identity verification

  • Basic info

    • Country of Residence

    • Nationality

    • Local Language name (if applicable)

    • Full name

    • Date of birth

    • ID number

    • ID type

    • Residential address

  • ID documents
    We accept valid government-issued IDs from eligible countries, passports, driving licenses, etc. They must meet the following requirements:

    • Include your full name, date of birth, issue and expiration date

    • No screenshots of any kind are accepted

    • Legible and with a clearly visible photo (sharp and non-blurry)

    • All corners of the document must be visible

    • Not expired

  • Selfies
    They must meet the following requirements:

    • Your entire face has to be placed within the oval frame

    • Nothing obstructs your face, such as masks, glasses and hats.

  • Proof of Address (if applicable)
    They must meet the following requirements:

    • The uploaded document contains your current residential address.

    • The entire document is issued within the last 6 months for EEA users and issued within 3 months for all other regions.

Note: check this link for more tips on verifying your selfie and ID.

When everything's ready, you can submit your verification application. We'll review your application within 24 hours and you'll be notified instantly once we've completed it. If you've any questions or need to amend your information, you can seek assistance by using our OKX Support Center chatbox to connect with our customer support team, either via our website or app.


  1. Why do I need to verify again?

    We're required to regularly request that customers verify their identity information.

  2. Why did my identity verification get rejected?

    We reject verification for various reasons in accordance to our Terms of Service.

  3. Do I need to submit a new form of identification?

    You may be asked to upload an updated form of identification if it's deemed necessary.

  4. Why is my account frozen?

    Your account may be frozen if you don't complete your identity verification within the stated grace period. However, you can still access your funds and make withdrawals. Once you've passed verification, full access to your account will be restored.

  5. Can I withdraw my funds and convert my tokens when my account is frozen, after the re-verification?


Note: if you have any other questions in regards to this process, proceed to our OKX Support Center chatbox to connect with our customer support team through our website or app.