How do I close my account? (app)

Published on Aug 22, 2023Updated on Apr 4, 20242 min read501

Once the account is closed, the account will be permanently closed and can't be retrieved.

Getting Started

  1. Open your OKX app and go to User Center

    App User Center

    Select User Center at the top left corner

  2. Go to Profile and Settings and select Security center

  3. Find Account management on the Security Center page, select Close account

  4. Closing your account is permanent and irreversible.

    • If you still want to close your account, select Continue to close

    • If you still want to use your account someday in the future, select Freeze instead

  5. Select Reason to close account

    • Instead of closing your account, you can also select to

      • Freeze account

      • Migrate account

      • View tutorials

  6. Select Continue to close if you still want to close

  7. Select I understand after checking what'll happen to Your account, Your personal information and Your orders after closing your account and select Continue


    What'll happen after you close your account

  8. Review your account assets in Trading, Grow, OKX account balance, and select Continue

  9. Close account after your reconfirmation

  10. Get SMS/email and Google Authentication code and Confirm to close the account

Note: it's required to bind with Google Authentication in your account before closing it

Can I still use the same information to register if I changed my mind?

After your account is closed, you can reuse your phone number, email, and identity information to create a new account or link to an existing one. The phone number and email can be reused once, if your account is in good standing. However, you can use your identity information unlimited times for this purpose.